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We are a proficient, passionate, happy group of people who pride in your vision. We experience in delivering high quality software, digital media, mobile apps development, and training and consultancy services across a wide range of technologies.

Our Mission

We make business decisions that are first and foremost based on achieving customer mission success.

Our Plan

We provide services and solutions that are relevant, innovative, timely and affordable—consistently exceeding customer expectations.

Our Vision

Helios Technologies is committed to helping our customers meet their goals and achieve their mission.


Helios Technologies is a leading provider of IT services and solutions. We cater to small, medium and large companies in multiple domains.Helios staffing solutions helps management focus on their core business while filling the gaps in their business and technology teams. We help you create unique and cost effective apps on IOS/Android/Windows domains.Trust in our expertise, experience, methodologies, approaches, judgment, advice, recommendations, integrity, ethics, and in our relationship.We believe in focusing on core competencies that enables us to create niche, quality of services and long lasting business relationships.

Websites Development

Our web design and development team is one of the most unique in world. We've made our mark in the development of software, apps, websites, and various other tools that have become so ingrained in what makes our company a center for diverse technological solutions. We provide full-range web-solutions development services for all industry verticals.

Mobile Apps Development

The mobile industry is growing at an amazing speed, creating convenience to consumers and great business opportunities for visionaries. We'll build it for you and advise you on best practices so it can be a success. Whether it's a game, social app, utility, business platform, or anything else you can think of. We'll develop the app to your specifications.

Cloud Migrations

1. Assessment of application for cloud adoption.
2. Cloud migration planning.
3. Re-architect existing application for cloud into Microservies.
4. Re-platform exuding application for lift and shift strategy.
5. Using open source technologies for distributed messaging, reports and analytics
6. Expert in Amazon, pivotal cloud..

Professional Staffing

Helios Technologies can avoid the usually expensive and lengthy staff recruitment process. Our Professional staffing services enable you to quickly respond to your IT initiatives using quality professionals who are highly trained and have all the necessary experience to hit the ground running.

IT Management Services

We do our best to deliver unmatched, professional and dynamic IT management solutions and outstanding customer service. We attempt to maintain quality relationships with all of our business clients.


When designing a network infrastructure for your company, it’s important to consult the help of an IT professional, because networking and computer systems are complicated to set up and maintain properly, and knowing the right hardware to purchase for your business can be a challenge.

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We are here to answer any questions you may have about our company experiences. Reach out to us and we will respond.

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Our Skills

We invest a significant amount of time and resources on the most promising potential proof of concepts that eventually lead to become fantastic enterprise software solutions.Our team of professionals are expert in various technologies which are as follows.

HTML 100%
Bootstrap 95%
CSS 90%
JavaScript 75%
Photoshop 55%
AngularJS 50%


Our focused approach, creativity, domain expertise, frameworks and tools help you convert your ideas into a reality.






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People are the heart of every successful business initiative. Our team is committed to helping provide opportunities for our customers and clients throughout their financial lives. Each team member brings the expertise, judgment, leadership and diversity of thought and experience required to make responsible decisions for all of our stakeholders.

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We love our customers & clients, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.


212, Durhum Ave, Bld b, Metuchen, NJ,08840, USA.

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